Everything we do at Sheikh & Bake Productions tries to be socially meaningful and critically thoughtful.

In this section we have compiled a few resources for you on a variety of topics that have to do with Islam.  We will update this section periodically, and bring you the best!

General Resources 

  • Muslim Informants Prevent Domestic Terror: The Data
  • Abu’l Fadl, K. “Islamic Law and Muslim Minorities: The Juristic Discourse on Muslim Minorities from the Second/Eighth to the Eleventh/Seventeenth Centuries,” Islamic Law and Society 1,2 (August 1994):141-187
  • al-`Ashmawi, Muhammad Sa`id. “Shari`a: The Codification of Islamic Law,” cpt. in Liberal Islam.
  • Khadduri, Majid. “Nature and Sources of Islamic Law,” The George Washington Law Review, 22 (1953): 3-23.
  • An-Na`im, Abdullahi. “Shari`a and Basic Human Rights Concerns,” cpt. in Liberal Islam.